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You know, barring that strip I drew on either end of the hiatus, this may have had the longest lag-time between panels.

Sorry for the delay; there's been some rather stressful "state of the company" speeches at work lately, which have been setting off some issues. My scanner is also officially dying, forcing me to use the back-up all-in-one machine that is . . . somewhat less than cooperative. I'll have to keep my eye out for a new one.
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Let's guess, she phoned to warn that Tony was on his way?

At least it's The Sibyl that's looking out for them instead of the Oracle at Delphi.
Welcome back, lass. It's always good to see this comic update. ^-^

I hope that work calms down and that your scanner issues stop being so annoying.

*puts an imaginary kitten on your head to keep you company and ward off bad luck*

Take care. :)

Rob H.
LKM, have you ever considered doing donation wallpapers? I'm sure many of your fans would love to donate something in exchange for a desktop wallpaper however often you choose to make them.
Was that meant to be "the epitome of what fashion can offer"?

At least scanners aren't too hugely expensive? That's all the comfort I got for ya.
Was that meant to be "the epitome of what fashion can offer"?

Nah, it's just bad grammar; it's the Sibyl offering security, not blue and white hair offering fashion. Technically it should have been something like "And all the security that can be offered by an eighteen year old girl who thinks blue and white hair is the epitome of fashion," but incorrect seemed better at the time. (And now I'm too lazy to fix it.)

And yeah. I guess this current one is due retirement. But that will mean digging it out from under the pile it's supporting. I'm not looking forward to that.
Yeah, I was kinda expecting the sentence to end at "fashion," as I was reading it.

How can you use your scanner if it's got crap on top of it? Is it one of those ones with a nifty feeder thing? (I'm not sure how much longer mine's gonna last. Somebody told me that Epson actually programs their scanners to stop working after X number of years, but I haven't run into any problems yet. Maybe I'll take it as an excuse to buy a bigger one when it does break down.)
Yeah, with dialogue I don't sweat grammatical correctness too much. For characters like Apollo and Dirk perhaps; Calliope not so much.

I just lift the lid with the pile on it. It's mostly paper, so at least it's not heavy. (Perhaps you have never realized you have seen my scanner, cleverly camoflaged as it is.)

And yeah, I've had this UMAX for . . . 10-12 years, maybe? Got a lot of mileage out of it if nothing else.
If you can lift the stack of paper on top of the scanner every time you scan something, then I don't see how "digging it out" from the pile is anything to dread, unless you're not sure where to relocate the stack to. (Release it into the wild, I say.) I don't recall ever seeing your scanner, and whether that's from lack of observational skills or awesome ground cover for the machine I'll leave for you to judge.
It's under the heap to the immediate left of my monitor. I haven't seen the top of it in at least a year, though I'd have to analyze the paper strata to be sure.