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Sea of Insanity's Journal
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Sunday, August 24th, 2008

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All right, hands up. Who here thought I'd moved to Tibet and joined a monastery? Go ahead, be honest.

All joking aside, I apologize for the lack of communication, activity, or general signs of life for the past year or so, but there was indeed a reason -- that reason being, "When your sanity is collapsing, the last thing you want is an audience."

I debated whether or not to just start updating again without explanation, but nah. An unexplained hiatus that long deserves at least the option of an explanation. The short version is, there was a stretch of time where my brain got away from me. The details are behind the cut.

I have to admit now that, even after more than a year, I'm not back to 100%. I'm still susceptible to relapse when severely stressed -- especially when sick, thanks to the hypochondria. For that reason I can't promise a regular update schedule. In addition to a full-time job, I've got prose projects I'm working on, but mostly I don't want to court a breakdown. SoI is a hobby. A hobby I'd like to do, but not my #1 priority. Once your brain has collapsed you get rather enthusiastic about preventing a repeat event. Don't worry -- if I do fall out of contact again, as is my habit when I'm stressed out, there are folks hanging around this community who'll be able to let you know if anything's really wrong.

So there you go. Don't worry about support/condolences/whatever -- random brain-snaps are just part of my life, and consequently it is, was, and shall remain My Problem, Not Yours. The only thing I do ask for is patience in any further strip-production.

As for the update itself, I've tried a few things -- I went for a Lucida Sans font and speech bubbles in an attempt to make my insanely text-ridden strip a bit more readable. The art's, uh . . . serviceable. Since I can count the number of times I've picked up a pencil to sketch since 2006 on two hands -- with fingers left over -- there hasn't been any advancement on that front, but ah well. Fortunately I've never pretended the art was anything but a necessity anyway.

Still wish I could find my damn triangles, though . . .

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